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How to Choose the Right Floor Register For Your House

Flooring is a significant function for every construction or remodeling project. Whether you are working on your old floor register or you have plans to do a new flooring project, you have to think of the right floor register to use. Choosing the right floor register is not an easy task since there are lots of factors to consider. However, it need not be a challenging task because you can first investigate what you should think of to choose the right one. For this reason, it is paramount that you read this guide as it will enlighten you on how to select the best floor registers to revamp your floor.

First, consider the size. This is particularly vital if you intend to replace an existing floor register since you must choose one that will perfectly fit in the duct opening. However, all you need to do is to remove the current register and instead of measuring the register itself, measure the width and length of the duct opening. This will help you determine the right size that covers the exact opening without leaving some uncovered parts or making the duct appear over-covered.

The second factor to consider is the finish. The idea here is to choose a finish that will perfectly blend with your home without looking like an unnecessary extra addition to your home. For a super attractive look, get a floor register that also matches your house décor like cabinets, doors, light fixtures, and ceilings. There is a wide range of material and finish to choose from like satin nickel, cast iron, polished brass, antique brass, and oak. They are also of different colors with white and black being the most popular and more uniform compared to other colors.

The next factor to consider is the condition of the area you are working on. If for example, you are replacing a floor register in an area that is highly humid like the bathroom, registers made of high-impact plastic are the best while the metal floor registers can perfectly suit most rooms.

Finally, decide between flush and overlap registers. Flush means that the registers are of the same height while overlap ones will rest on top. Whichever the case, ensure that the register that you choose can be fitted with ease.

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